Why We Walk

"Our son suffers from a severe peanut allergy that he may never grow out of. He needs to know he has a village that will support him and understand his needs. We walk for Jacob Maxwell."

- Kim and Matthew Kaufman

Why We Walk Testimonial
Why We Walk Testimonial
"We walk for our daughter and we walk for all the millions of children and adults with food allergies. FARE has been an invaluable resource to us since our daughter’s first incident, she was anaphylaxis from peanut at 2 ½ years old. FARE cannot do it all. We need to do our part to advance research and resources and save lives, save our daughter."

- Food Allergy mom

"I walk to help others with food allergies and to help scientists find a cure."

- Kennedy B. Bagyi

Why We Walk Testimonial
Why We Walk Testimonial
"I’m involved with FARE because I want to continue to raise awareness and educate people on the severity of food allergies. With the passing of the stock epinephrine pen bill in Maryland, improved labeling on food and the increased awareness of food allergies by certain restaurants, I feel we have accomplished a lot but we still have a long way to go.

I continue to stay involved because I enjoy seeing families come out to the walk and realize they are not alone when it comes to handling food allergies. I also enjoy seeing the excitement of the kids when they realize this is a fun and safe event planned especially for them. "

- Eric Jensen

"We walk to raise awareness. We walk to raise money. We walk for hope. We walk to show our son he is not alone."

- Ruth McLenaghan

Why We Walk Testimonial
Why We Walk Testimonial
"We walk to spread awareness of food allergies and raise money to find a cure. Food allergies affected our family greatly since our daughter was diagnosed 9 years ago. We would like her to live a carefree life just like any other kid. We know that this is not possible, but we can make it better by educating others and hopefully encouraging safer foods in schools and higher education institutions. My hope is that by the time she goes to college, she will be able to eat without worry. I believe in FARE as a partner to advocate and improve "

- Klaudia Lewis

One Step to Impact Millions


Support safe, productive lives with respect of others through education and advocacy.


Enhance the healthcare access to state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment.


Encourage and fund research that promises new therapies.

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