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Answers to Your Questions about FARE's Food Allergy Heroes Walk

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What is Hometown Heroes Community Walk?

The Hometown Heroes Community Walk program was launched in 2017. It is a fun and festive walk event in communities across the country, but it is volunteer driven and managed. Hometown Heroes walks provide an opportunity for our community to connect with each other, unite behind the cause, and leverage our shared strength to achieve our goal of a safer, more enjoyable world for people living with food allergies. All walks are family-friendly events, and they take place nationwide.

Why is fundraising a part of Hometown Heroes Community Walk?

Hometown Heroes Community Walk is a meaningful and unique experience for food allergy families, friends, and individuals, and it is our goal as an organization to bring that experience to life for more people nationwide, to achieve more impact and more reach. In order to realize that future potential of the program, we must grow. And to grow, we must raise funds.

Fundraising fuels research. Fundraising fuels education. Fundraising fuels programs and support. Fundraising is the vehicle of impact that will make this world a safer place for everyone affected by food allergies. It is through fundraising, and through strengthening our community, that the world in which we want to live will become a reality, both at a global level and a local level.

A focus on fundraising does not diminish the hopeful community experience that means so much to so many of us. Rather, coming together as a group, united in a shared passion, and driven by a common goal, furthers our bond and strengthens our commitment to one another, and to those we love.

With every dollar raised, we can make a meaningful impact.

How are funds used?

Funds raised through the walk support national and local initiatives which help support people living with food allergies. These initiatives include: cutting-edge research, school-based training programs, advocacy efforts, educational programs and resources, and broad public awareness.

How do I participate in Hometown Heroes Walk?

It’s easy to participate! Simply register to walk as a team captain and form a team, or register as an individual walker or part of a team. When you participate, your key role is to raise funds. Whether you do this as an individual, part of a team, or as a team captain, we welcome you.

And if you don’t have a Hometown Heroes Community Walk near you, you can start your own, with the support of FARE’s resources.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee to participate, but your fundraising is critical to the continued work FARE does in your community. We encourage you to reach out to your networks for donations through our online fundraising pages, which you can access when you register. We also encourage you to make a self-donation when you register to inspire others to contribute to your cause.

How long is the walk in my community?

Walks are generally between one mile and three miles in length, roughly a 30 to 90 minute walk. The exact distance varies by walk site, so check your local walk site for more information. Walks are always family and stroller friendly, on easy to navigate paths.

How can I participate if there isn't a walk in my community?

If there's not a walk in your area, you can still organize a Hometown Heroes Walk event of your own using the toolkits and resources on our website . These community walks are so important to FARE, because we need to spread our mission and programs as far as we can. Visit to learn more.