to the FARE Heroes Walk for Food Allergy

Food Allergy Heroes Walk exists to recognize the courage and determination of food allergy families, and to empower these everyday heroes to end food allergy fears for good. Through widespread fundraising and walks across the country, thousands of families come together to unite behind their commitment to FARE’s mission and raise funds that will change their children’s lives through research, education, advocacy and broad awareness.

Once you register by clicking the register button at the top, you will be given your very own web page and will have access to lots of fundraising tools to help you fundraise. You’ll be able to customize the web page with your reason for walking, send emails to ask others to join you or donate, and even link to Facebook. And of course, your FARE Walk Staff will be here to help all along the way!

Check back often for more Walk information as we update day of logistics.

Your Event Manager:

The FARE Walk for Food Allergy is a food-allergy-friendly event, but it is not food-free. Please remember to read all labels, and enjoy samples off-site at home.

The walk will take place rain or shine.

Due to allergies, we request that no one bring pets or latex balloons to the walk.

Why We Walk

Why We Walk

Our son suffers from a severe peanut allergy that he may never grow out of. He needs to know he has a village that will support him and understand his needs. We walk for Jacob Maxwell.
- Kim and Matthew Kaufman WHY DO YOU WALK?

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