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99 Problems, but an Itch Ain't One

Amount Raised: $7,655.00

Goal: $7,000.00


Dallas, TX Food Allergy Heroes Walk

99 Problems, but an Itch Ain't One

Every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S. A life-altering and potentially life-threatening disease, food allergy affects 15 million Americans. For children, that number translates to 1 in 13 - nearly two in every classroom.

Right now, there is no treatment or cure for food allergy... but there is HOPE.

Being a part of FARE and participating in the Walk has been such a positive experience for our family. It has empowered us to take charge and not feel so overwhelmed with the diagnosis of food allergies. It is never easy to be different - especially when you have a hidden disability. Food allergies can exclude you from so many activities - multiple times during a single day.

Our daughter Lauren was born with a medical disability. When she comes into contact with eggs, milk (dairy), peanuts or tree nuts her body recognizes these everyday foods as poison. Contact could mean eating any of those foods unknowingly, or it could simply mean touching a table in the cafeteria that has peanut butter residue on it and itching her eye or nose. Lauren's immune system overreacts to foods most of us eat several times a day, by causing her blood pressure to drop and skin to flush, she has severe vomiting and dizziness, her tongue and throat burn and swell and she has difficulty breathing. These symptoms are called anaphylaxis, and if they progress quickly enough, could become fatal.

Every morning Lauren wakes up, she thinks about and manages her disability. Most days are uneventful, thankfully. Some days are overwhelming. Already this year, a handful of children have lost their lives to this medical condition. This is life with food allergies.

Research is showing as children get older, they are more at risk of anaphylaxis. Teens and older children want to fit in, and peer pressure can become more intense. They forget to carry their life saving medication, epinephrine. They are embarrassed of their disability and make fatal choices - not driving too fast or hanging out with the wrong crowd - instead they don't ask the server at a restaurant if their hamburger can be cooked on a clean grill away from cheese and butter, and they end up in the emergency room or worse.

This is Lauren's life. She manages it beautifully for a 13 year old, but she would really love to find a cure or treatment, so maybe if she accidentally touches a table in the cafeteria that has peanut butter residue on it and itches her eye or nose, it's not a fatal "mistake."

With your support, we can make this a reality. Here's how you can help:

DONATE NOW! Lauren's goal this year is to raise $7,000 for a cure or treatment. Any amount helps! It's time to say FAREwell to Food Allergies.

Thank You and Much Love,

99 Problems, but an Itch Ain't One - Lauren, Malea, Joe and Davis Kuykendall
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