Walk Event Details

Event Date: Sunday, September 23, 2018
Event Location: CBS Studio Center
Walk Manager: Bridget Hultgren
Walk Manager Email: bhultgren@foodallergy.org
Walk Manager Phone: (847) 260-9723

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What to Expect the Day of Walk

How do I get to the walk?
The walk will take place at CBS Studio Center.

When should I arrive?
Registration and activities will begin at [time] At [time], our inspirational walk program begins, including a few speeches and recognitions. The walk begins immediately after the program concludes.

What activities will be at the walk?

  • DJ with festive music
  • Superhero craft activities
  • Scavenger hunt
  • "Why We Walk" wall
  • Photo booth
  • Vendor tables with samples
  • ... and more!

How long is the walk route?
The walk route is approximately 1 mile and should take 30 minutes to complete.

How do I prepare my family for walk day?
You can never be too sure about the weather, so bring layers, wear sunscreen and any other necessities you may need. Volunteers and Staff are available onsite to help you have the best experience that day. We encourage all teams and walkers to establish a time and place for your team to convene the morning of the walk. However, the site is not that big so you can easily find your friends and family.

Are pets allowed at the walk?
Sorry, no pets are allowed. Only service dogs are permitted.

Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed on the walk route?
Yes. Strollers, wheelchairs and wagons for the little ones are all welcome.

Are bikes, rollerblades, scooters or skateboards allowed at the walk?
For everyone's safety, we cannot allow any of these items.

What happens if it rains on the day of the walk?
Food Allergy Heroes Walk will take place “rain or shine.” However, in case of extreme or unsafe conditions, we will send emails to all registrants, as well as update this web page, with any cancellation information. For up-to-date information the day of the walk, please call Bridget Hultgren at (847) 260-9723.

Day of Walk Registration

What if I have not registered for the walk?
We strongly encourage everyone to register online before the walk. This way, you will be given a personal fundraising page, you will receive all email communications and important information about the walk, and you will not have to wait in line on the day of the walk to complete a paper registration form.
Online registration will be open through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, [DATE], 2018.

Once online registration closes, you can still register onsite for the walk on the day of the event. To avoid the hassle of onsite registration lines, we encourage everyone to register online.

Some of my family and friends would like to come, but have not fundraised. Do they need to register?
Every participant must register for the walk and complete the participant waiver at the registration/check-in table. Anyone is welcome to come to the walk and enjoy the festivities. However, the money that is raised from the walk helps further the mission of FARE. We encourage anyone who attends to make a donation.

Day of Walk Donations

Where do I turn in my donations?
Turn in donations at the Registration Tent. Donation forms will be on hand and volunteers can assist you in filling out the form correctly.

What forms of payment are accepted for donations?
You can make donations by cash, check, or credit card. We will have a credit card reader on site for secure and speedy payment.

Who should checks be made payable to?
Please ask your supporters to make checks payable to Food Allergy Research & Education or “FARE.” It is also good practice to write which participant and/or team gets credit of the donation in the memo line.

Will the money turned in at the walk show up on my web page?
Absolutely. If the corresponding donation forms were filled out and submitted along with your donations at the walk, then you will see your fundraising efforts reflected on your web page and donation report within two weeks of the walk.

What if I don’t have any donations to turn in?
If you don’t have money to turn in but are eligible for an event day t-shirt, please stop at registration. Otherwise enjoy the vendor area and event activities.

Can I continue to collect donations after the walk?
Definitely! You can still fundraise through the Food Allergy Heroes Walk website, and/or collect donations until the end of our fiscal year, December 31, 2018. Please mail donations to:

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
Re: Los Angeles, CA Food Allergy Heroes Walk
Attn: Nancy Ammann
7901 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 240
McLean, VA 22102

**Please be sure to make a note of what walk, what participant and/or team gets credit for the donation.

Day of Walk T-shirts

How much do I need to raise to receive a Food Allergy Heroes Walk T-shirt?
Any adult who raises $100 or more individually will receive a one-of-a-kind commemorative event t-shirt on walk day. Children who are registered for the event will receive a super hero cape. You can pick up your shirts and capes in the registration area.

Can I purchase a Food Allergy Heroes Walk t-shirt?
T-shirts are an incentive to encourage walkers to actively fundraise to further the mission of FARE and are not available for purchase. For those walkers who wish to receive an event t-shirt, you must register to walk AND raise at least $100 on your individual walk fundraising page.
Donations can be made the day of the walk at the registration/check-in table. However, shirts can only be guaranteed to walk participants who have raised $100 or more by the print deadline, so we encourage everyone to fundraise early.

Day of Walk Incentives

What are the walk fundraising incentives?
All registered walkers have the opportunity to earn fundraising rewards, depending on how much money they raise. We have two different types of fundraising rewards, individual and team.

Individual fundraising rewards are earned when an individual registers to walk AND raises money on their individual fundraising page.
The individual levels are:

  • $100 -- 2018 Custom t-shirt
  • $250 -- Teal backpack
  • $500 -- Aluminum water bottle

*Based on funds donated to your individual fundraising page, exclusive of team donations

Team fundraising rewards are earned when a team captain registers a team to walk and all team members raise money for a combined team total.
The team levels are:

  • $500 -- 2018 Food Allergy Heroes Walk photo frame for team captains (NEW in 2018)
  • $1,000 -- FARE Heroes Club (includes on-stage recognition and your team name on the back of the t-shirt)
  • $2,500 -- Team sign to carry at the walk (NEW in 2018)

*Based on total funds donated both to individual pages as well as the team page

If I earned a t-shirt, drawstring bag and/or water bottle, where do I pick these items up?
You can pick up your shirts, as well as and capes in the registration area.

Where do I pick up FARE Heroes Club beads and the sign for my team?
FARE Heroes Club teams who have raised $1,000 or more should have their team captain pick up their team beads in the registration area. A bag of beads for your team members will be labeled with your team name. You can also pick up your team sign with your beads.

Food Policy

What is your food policy at the event?
The walk is a food allergy friendly event, but is not food free. All of our walks have free food samples available, provided by our local and national sponsors. We do ask that you remember to read all labels, and to enjoy your samples off-site at home. No food should be consumed on the event premises.

Can I bring my own food to the walk?
Because many of the attendees have a variety of food allergies, we ask that no food be brought into the walk site area. Please eat any food outside of the main site area, or at home before and after the walk. Please make sure you to properly wash your hands before arriving at the walk site.

Will you have water?
Yes, we will have bottled water, but please feel free to bring your own!

FARE Table

Where can I find more information about FARE?
There will be a FARE table onsite at the event. This table will have information about food allergies and how to get involved with FARE on a local and national level. Make sure you stop by!

If you have additional questions, please contact Bridget Hultgren at (847) 260-9723 or bhultgren@foodallergy.org.

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